About Us

Our restaurant is located directly on the Nidda river.

Looking for Indian Restaurant in Frankfurt with great riverside view?
Look no more !!

Relax with a decent beer or a glass of wine, good food and good atmosphere on our summer terrace with direct views of the Nidda River. Listen to the chirping of the birds and enjoy a break from the busy everyday life together with your loved ones.

The team at Restaurant Nidda does everything you can to make you feel comfortable. This starts with the purchase of fresh food, which is a matter for the chef in the restaurant Nidda, to authenticate your experience of visiting an Indian Restaurant in Frankurt.

Our experienced kitchen team prepares delicious German and Indian dishes from the high-quality ingredients.

Our service staff will take care of your wishes and questions to make your stay in our restaurant as pleasant as possible.

How to reach us:

  • With the U7 -Stoppage name : 'Hausener Weg'.
  • By Bus 34 -Stoppage name : 'Hausener Weg'.
  • By Bike -Through the Frankfurt Green Belt.
  • By CAR via the A66 -Exit Rödelheim / Hausen, direct to Ludwig-Landmann-Straße.
  • Parking at Brentanobad for 2.00 € per day.

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